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Due to the ever increasing popularity of these tDCS devices, I simply have to pause in making them for all my internet friends!
I will still make parts available for as long as I have them, but I honestly can't keep up with assembly!
Each unit takes me about 30 minutes to make for you, and yesterday I had 13 requests in less than 5 minutes...
Since I'm not a manufacturer, just a fellow hobbyist trying to help internet friends out, I've been assembling these in my spare time for you.  But as you can see, there just isn't enough spare time at the moment.
I've received SO many success stories from people with amazing experiences, and I have a very high confidence that these devices are safe, useful, and interesting.
I'm still using mine 5 years later!
You can email me for special requests (I provided units for several studies being done by colleges) and I'm ALWAYS here to help!  But, I gotta take a break!

In the mean time, there is a reasonably inexpensive commercial unit that I like, and friends have used.  So, I'll put a link to that here.
I'm not sure if the link works yet, but I wrote to these folks and they said using this link below will get you an additional  5% off their current discount.


Thank you so much for visiting!  And don't hesitate to write with questions.

Click here for the 5% off link: TheBrainDriver tDCS.

Coupon Code: TVCtSlQX
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