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Patrick Flanagan Neurophone

Note:  Ordered prebuilt 8/27/2023

Sound laser video.

MPORTANT: Vcc1 and Vcc2 are switched in the schematic in the video!  It doesn't seem
to burn out the H bridge but be aware that they are labelled the other way in the datasheet.

This is totally a neurophone, it's just a little higher frequency.


Possible future phone app… Plus flashing 40hrtz around viewing area… Plus focus near and far…

Heating Human Tissue With Radio And Ultrasound

Much better Guitar pickup?

terfenol-d (Dysprosium) has a vastly better frequency response than piezo.
What about a guitar pickup from terfenol-d?
Basic setup for speaker; place a piece of rubber on an electromagnet, set a neodymium magnet on top of the rubber, an attach that to a sounding body.
Not sure for a pickup the best configuration? Experiment.
Test your Dayton Audio Transducer as a pickup!

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