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Would you enjoy joining the ranks of legendary fleas circus ringmasters, and OWNING YOUR OWN CIRCUS?
You are not alone!
After carefully building the first of these beautiful circuses,  I received more than 50 emails asking for plans for those who wanted to make their own flea circus.
So, while building the last circus I also drew up the plans for you!
The circus at the left was constructed for comedian Jeff Hobson.  I think it may be the finest circus todate!
As this circus was made, I carefully video taped each step, then rented studio time to edit together an upscale "flea construction video" for you!
Just like everything else related to the fleas, this project became an obsession!  I really wanted to make this process easy for YOU, and I've packed more flea info into this package than any sane person would have! 

The final flea package includes ALL of the following:

  • 26 Seconds of incredibly RARE video of a REAL turn of the century circus.

  • 1 hour and 45 minutes of careful step by step directions for making your own circus.

  • A short video piece showing flea training.

  • And finally, footage of our show as taped from a television appearance we did in Holland.

Also included with the package are:

A companion CD with original flea music to be used in your show (much of which was written by me)!
Drawings, photos and high resolution scans for you to use in construction.
And, a complete manual with extensive parts sources!

The CD has GROWN over the last 12 years to nearly a book length effort on it's own.  It has a VAST "New Ideas" section.
Every time someone wanted a new flea trick, I added it to your CD, often with a video clip, and always with photos!
So, get ready to add 12 years of serious flea stunts to your act!

There are many other extras on the CD from odd letters about the circus to useful pictures of different circuses.

Since I'm currently building circuses professionally, I not only have any parts you might need available, but I'll be right here by email to help you with any step should you need it.
You WILL succeed in building your circus, and before you know it  your smiling fleas will parade out into your circus ready to perform!
This package includes all the info you'll need to start performing your own circus within weeks!
I'm keeping the price low for you as a builder, and am asking just 59.95 (current sale price $49) for the whole "kit and caboodle," shipping included.
I confidentiality offer a money back guarantee!
I hope you'll click the link and join the rest of us infested with this art form!


Click Here if you'd like to read a Sanders review of the flea package!

Click HereTo Receive Your Flea Kit!

(Sale Price!)

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