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I just made this complete circus over summer break!  There is only one available.  I hope you'll agree it's a beautiful piece of custom work.
If you would like to "jump" right in to the wonderful, and strange world of flea performance (prepare to have your reality altered), this MECHANICAL circus operates from a pocket remote control!
It can be used with REAL fleas, or it will operate equally well with real imaginary fleas as every act will perform at your command!
This is a COMPLETE 29.5 minute act that fits in a suitcase and sets up in less than 7 minutes!
Fleas always get good press, and owning a circus will bring tons of free publicity and throngs of happy faces of all ages to your every event.
One thing that has amazed me over the years is that I see the same smile on a child's face seeing a flea circus for the first time as I do on an 80 year old's face who saw one as a child!

This circus includes completely mechanized:

Rotating Carousel
Flea Parade and Chariot Race
Flea Ball Kick and Juggling
 Flea Teeter Totter
Flea Coin Flip / Sword Fight / Raising of the Flag
Flea High Dive and Pool Splash
Fleas Shot From a Canon
Fleas on a Trapeze
Fleas on a High Wire
Fleas Play Calliope Music
And, many other gags and advice.

Each circus I've made includes a custom DVD with 30 minutes of performance advice and instruction.

The circus pictured took more than a month of my "spare" time, and approximately $800 in parts, so I hope you will feel my asking price is fair at $1900.
Most performers make back their investment in just the first few shows!
Early circuses I made have become collector's items resold at several times this original price.  So, your circus will be signed and dated under the stage!
I pay the shipping in the US.  Outside the US, I ask only that you pay the difference in shipping.  (Just a few years ago international shipping was a bargain, but rates have gone bananas!)
I'll have your fleas well fed, trained, and ready for life in YOUR circus!
I'm sure you'll give our fleas a good home!


But...  I'm building something new!
Including the new, budget Mini Circus!
Interested?  Email me!

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