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Just to get a little philosophical...

We all love to fly.
It's somehow a part of us as human beings.
Before we could fly, we dreamed of it, we wrote about it, and it has been a part of every culture and ourselves.

It's part of our dream to be free.
Capturing those moments of freedom with the perfect photo is our dream for you.

You didn't start your business by following the crowd, you used your imagination and your hard work.
Let's make a video together that shows your customers that passion.

Before getting my drone license, I flew hang gliders, ultralight aircraft, and finally got my full pilot's certificate,

I briefly flew police aircraft for law enforcement.
I've been told that long joy of flying comes across in every shot I take for you.

I hope you'll find that to be true.

Thanks for contacting me for your project!

In addition to drone work, I can help with complete video production services as well.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!
I suspect we both love what we do!

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